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MyMcServers has the highest quality minecraft server hosting you'll find in the market. With our professional infrastructure and affordable prices your Minecraft server will run smoothly and your players will love it.
Dedicated Support
Our dedicated 24/7 support staff is waiting to solve your problems and answer your questions and concerns. We're here to provide you with tech support on your various projects, even plugin bugs!
DDoS Protected
All of our Minecraft server hosting machines are equipped with automated DDoS Protection. We can defend against any attacks you might recieve. Our highest priority is keeping your servers online and lag free.
Affordable Prices
For 3$ per GB, you won't find a better quality than us. We offer a variety of Minecraft servers to fit your every need. We even have a 24 hour money back guarantee!

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Uptime Guaranteed
All of our servers come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Rest assured, We will keep your server up and running at all times, so you can easily maintain a worldwide playerbase.
Control Panel
Our advanced control panel grants you simple and full control over your server to allow for full customization. You can upload files, add custom .jar files, create backups, and more. You even get a free MySQL database just for choosing to host with us.
Instant Activation
We pride ourselves in making everything instant. Your server is automatically setup the moment you purchase it, in addition to all pertinent information being automatically sent to you. With no more waiting around, you can get to work on what matters!
Modpack Support
With MyMCServers, you can create any type of minecraft server you want to. We support Bukkit, Spigot, Modpacks, and you can even upload your own custom .jar file. Here at MyMcServers we give you the power to create great things.
Join us today
We are looking forward to doing business with you. With our instant activation and risk free 24 hour money back gurrentee, you can have fun and start working on your very own Minecraft server hosting within minutes.
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MyMCServers was founded in 2015. We strive to bring refreshing new ideas and skills to the Minecraft server hosting world, with our various high quality products and services.


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